Monday, May 14, 2012

It belatedly occurred to me that this would be a good place for a link to the last 2 NQSYW convention reports on my main blog. In each case the link will give a selection of posts on that event. Final entry first, first entry last in blogger's inimitable style.

Cold Wars 2010 The Raid on St. Michel  A play through of C.S. Grant's  mini-campaign.

A beehive of activity erupts as the Rosish garrison of the border town of St. Stephen spots the advance of the Pragmatic Alliance.

Historicon 2011: The Siege of Adelheim  A series of siege games using the rules from Duffy's Fire & Stone for the siege bits with Charge! for the sorties and assaults.

 The view from inside looking out and.....
and outside looking in.
Hats off to Duncan, Norman and Rob for actually building the fort. 

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  1. Haaah, I still love to see some Price August miniatures. Seldom enough, it make my heart warm.
    Great battle, full of little details. I adore!